Sunday, December 6, 2015

Forever and a Day

Hi everyone!
Gosh it's been ages...ridiculous really. I wish I had some harrowing tale to share about why I've been absent from here, but honestly, it's just been the usual. Busy work, busy home life. :) I find that it's easier to snap a picture and post them on Instagram than do much else. But I don't want to abandon my blog either.

So what has been going on since January?

Ont hw work front, it's just been full of projects. I am still working at the museum and love it, though there are plenty of days I come home mentally drained. We are kicking off our big holiday event this weekend, so there has been lots of prep for that. Anyone who thinks working at a museum must be dull...well, I can say that is nowhere near the case in our museum, which is a good thing.

On the home front, the kids are a few months into their new school year. I'm sure just about every parent says this as their children reach markers, but seriously, I can't believe I have a third and fifth grader! Insane! Davin just went to 5th Grade Camp for four days and he had a blast! It was his first time away from home for something like this and he is brimming with stories about his adventures. He is still catching up on sleep but he wouldn't have traded it for the world.

He joined a local swim team this fall and had a great time. It was a learning curve for him and really pushed him. He only really learned to swim this summer so he is still figuring out how his body works for the various strokes, but each class he came out grinning so I call that a win. He was swimming 3-4 days a week and for a kid who is as flat footed as he is, it's great to find a sport that is easy on his feet but still builds strength and endurance. Their fall season is done now, but we are hoping to have him back at it when they resume in January. Soon after, he will also be back into baseball.

Abby is crazy busy with dance. This year she made a pretty big leap in competition, and qualified for 5 comp dances! I am particularly proud of her for making the Lyrical Line team. She is the youngest dancer in the group and while she may not be the most flexible of the kids, I think her spirit and hard work last year has really shown to her teachers. I hope she keeps up the good work. I'm keeping a close eye on her schedule as well...this year, she had to take more technique classes as part of comp so overall she is in 11 classes. She dances 4 days a week (only one 45 minute class on Wednesday though). So far she is handling the extra load well and school isn't suffering. It's definitely a max for us though, and I will have to consider whether we scale it back a little next year.

Speaking of dance, this is also the first time she will have two-piece costumes. I've known the day would be coming, but for me it feels like a small rite of passage. I think it's because I just have seen instances at competition where some very tiny dancers were in very skimpy costumes that just didn't seem necessary. It's definitely the minority though. I trust the teachers at our studio completely, and I know their selection is tasteful and age appropriate. It's a fine line, and perhaps I am overthinking it...I don't want Abby to feel ashamed of her body, but at the same time, she should be allowed to be a little girl. I just don't want her to grow feeling that she has to show lots of skin in order to be considered "beautiful". Ugh...these are the things they never prepare you for when you decide to have kids. Dance parents - do you have these same concerns/issues?

As for me on the personal front, I had to have surgery last month to remove a mass on my ribcage. It was benign, but was fairly large (about the size of a grapefruit). Being a side sleeper, it had just become too uncomfortable so it was time to remove it. It was an outpatient surgery and went well. Recovery was pretty easy, though I was sore for a bit. I'm sporting a pretty fancy scar now, but thankfully bikinis were never my thing, so I'm not worried about it. Honestly though, I don't know that I would really care about that showing. My stretch marks from pregnancy though...I have no desire to show those off. Funny how the mind differentiates between those things.

Andy has been busy as well. He was recently names the school district's Math department head for the secondary ed. He is really enjoying the challenge, and it will mean that at the end of this semester he is stepping down from his position teaching math at night school. I don't mind having him home those two nights, especially with the kids activities. It's always easier when there are two of us doing the running rather than one. :)

As for crafting, I have tried to do a bit of crafting each day. I'm mostly successful, even if it's just a couple of rows on one of the socks I'm working on or a bit of coloring in my planner. There are some days though, that I am so tired the last thing I want to do is work on anything. I always have something in my bag though, so I get some done while I am at the pool or dance studio. I don't mind being "that mom". lol

Anyway, I hope that all is well with you. I hope your 2015 has been a lovely one so far and that you are heading into the holiday season filled with peace and joy. I'll post a photo update soon, showing some of our adventures through pictures. Today I just wanted to get a few words down and say that I haven't completely disappeared. I am always on Instagram, and have even attempted a couple Periscope broadcasts.

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