Thursday, August 2, 2012

New vintage finds!

Finally sharing the vintage goodies I found at an estate sale when we were up north!

Blue Gingham metal tray
Silhouette picture in frame
2 cards, Birthday and Mother's Day (the back has a sweet note from "Mildred")
A collection of magazines & small books (Open page in the center right)
Singer Home Decorators Guide & 2 Insurance Receipt books (1940's - open pages on bottom right)
Half circle table (thankfully it was so small and light it fit in the car for the drive home! I haven't decided if it will get a coat of paint yet)
2 School Books (Speller and History, on top of table)

All this for $25.00!

Just realized I forgot to take a photo of one other item, but I'll post a pic as soon as I get it framed and hung. It's a marriage license, and so pretty!

(And on a side note...I am so excited to finally know how to make a photo collage! I don't know what I was so nervous about...using Picasa it was so easy! Maybe one of these days I'll finally figure out all of these blogging tricks! ha ha!)


  1. Nice collage, missus!! I'm impressed - I still have made one properly for a blog post!! Shame on me!

    I love that silhouette picture - so pretty!

    Your blog is gorgeous - I've signed up to follow you!


    1. Thanks Sarah! :) I really enjoy your blog as well...I lived in England for a while and do miss it. Never made it to the Cotswolds though, we were in the Leeds/York area. What I wouldn't give for a traditional Sunday roast beef dinner...Yorkshire Pudding - yum!
      I'll be posting more soon...the kiddos have kept me so busy lately, as they tend to do. :)

  2. Ha, I just came back to check on your blog and there's a special comment waiting just for me!! How lovely!! ;-)

    I didn't say in the comment above how awesome your bargain finds are - lucky you!!