Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A look back at Easter

Wanted to share a few pictures from Easter. It was a good, busy day! :) As I mentioned in my last post, I took over the dinner for some of the family because of an illness in the family. My mother usually hosts Easter, but she wasn't able to do it this year. We don't have a very large family, so moving it to our house was easy!

A peek at the new chalkboard door in the kitchen:


I've been on a tulip kick lately - I am so tired of everything being brown and crunchy outside!

I found a lovely set of late 1940's dishes by Homer Laughlin (you know my love of Homer Laughlin from earlier posts!) It's called "Cashmere" and is part of their Eggshell Georgian line. It's not complete yet, but I had enough to lay out the "grown up" table. I'm looking forward to this weekend, when I pick up the rest of the dishes I need from a seller I found on Craigslist. :) I will end up with a 12 piece set plus a variety of serving pieces - I can't wait!

I really need to buy some nice table linens...we don't usually have a tablecloth on our table but for Easter dinner I needed something! :) I found this light blue linen cloth at a local thrift shop last year but it wasn't long enough for the table, so I found a vintage floral bedsheet that also came from the thrift store when I was working on this project.  I didn't use it for the project so it has become a sheet for forts, sleepovers, and now a table cloth.

The kids had a egg & basket hunt first thing in the morning before I had to go to work. It was a gloomy morning with a bit of sprinkles, but then it cleared up and we had a sunny day with temps in the low 50s. Perfect chance to open the windows and go outside! They spent the majority of the day playing outside and when I got home and started cooking, my husband, brother and brother-in-law set up another egg hunt for Davin & Abby and their cousin Emily in the backyard. Since I was cooking I didn't get any pictures unfortunately, but throught the windows I could get a peek of the hunt - the kids were so cute!

We ended up with a total of 7 for dinner. Because I had to work, the menu was going to be simple: ham, potato dumplings & mashed, fresh green beans, corn, and breads. A selection of brownies, pudding and ice cream for dessert kept the kids happy - how could it not? :)
A day full of playing, a full tummy and a comfy couch, and we found Abby like this at about 7:30:
(via my Instagram)

Love that little face!

It was a pretty hectic weekend, but we were so happy to spend it with our family. We aren't a religious family, but holidays like these are just as important to us as a way to celebrate the importance of the special love that family and close friends bring. It's something that can feel routine, that they will always be there, but my moms illness this weekend was a timely reminder that we can never take for granted the time we have with them. Thankfully it turned out to be much less serious than it could have been, but even so, it was a wake up call that the time we have together is always precious.

I hope you had a lovely Easter as well, and no matter how you celebrate the day I hope it included all the love that you could possibly have, whether from family and/or from faith.


  1. That is the most adorable face, so glad you had a great day,

  2. looks like u had a beautiful that blackboard door!


  3. You did a great job! Your table looks lovely and what a cute "baby". Glad you had a great time with yr family .