Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Foster animals

We are still fostering! I haven't really updated much so I wanted to catch you up on our furry friends!

We started with Cheeks, who I am happy to report has been adopted to a loving family with a puppy brother to play with. She was definitely the biggest challenge of my fosters so far...she had become too attached to me and was becoming a little aggressive toward other dogs if I was there. We finally had to move her to another foster family so that she would have a good chance of being adopted, and less than 2 weeks after she left us, she was adopted. I was so proud of her and get so excited when I see updated pictures from her new family. Her name is Nellie now!

The day that Cheeks went to her new foster family, we picked up Jodie, a very sweet 1 year old Yellow Lab mix. Like all Labs in spring, she was shedding clumps of winter fur, so after a much needed bath, we spent a lot of time brushing out all of the fur clumps. She must have felt so much better after that!

Jodie already had a pre-approved application when we got her, so after about a day and a half, she went off to her new family. They can't help but love her, she is so sweet!

The same night we got Jodie, we also got a tiny 8 week old black tabby kitten named Olive:
Who then turned out to be an Oliver! LOL

We found out he loved to sleep on his back...and like all kittens was very sweet and playful. My kitties were so mad at me for having this bouncing little fluff ball in the house! lol He was adopted after about a week, and his name is now Walnut! He has a fur brother too, a French Bulldog named Mac! They are getting along swimmingly!

Then we got Cher, an Australian Shepherd mix (best guess).

She was found on the streets of Detroit with her best buddy, Sonny. Another total sweetheart! But boy was she DIRTY!!! She was slated to attend the Meet Your Best Friend At the Zoo, but she was so grimy that there was no way she could go looking like that! I gave her bath and the bathwater was black when I finished. When they saw what the bathwater looked like, someone from the rescue group asked me if I now had a white dog! lol Not, but she has a beautiful mahogany coat. She was a hit at the Zoo event and was adopted after just a couple hours, to a very sweet older couple.

This week, we will get yet another pup...a beagle mix named Sugar Mama.

She is going to be my toughest project yet. She came covered in fleas and ticks, which she has been treated for, but her skin and fur are in tough shape because of the bugs. She is also heart worm positive so she is getting treatment for that. She was brought in with 5 puppies, who are so cute, and are all in the process of being adopted, yay!

But on top of everything, the vet discovered that someone had shot her with a bb gun repeatedly! She has over 30 bb's in her little body right now. Thankfully, none have damaged any of her major organs.

Its so infuriating that someone could be so cruel. I just don't understand what people are thinking sometimes. Her costs have really added up, so I can't get her from the vet until the rescue group has some funds that open up, which hopefully will be Thursday. Hopefully between donations and the payments from her puppies adoptions, that will help get their little mama out of the vets kennel and into our house, where we can start working with her and showing her that people are actually pretty good.

If you would like to help with her care, or any of the dogs, you can visit the POET Animal Rescue Facebook page, or website. I know they would be grateful for any help, even if you can just help spread awareness and share photos of their adoptable dogs. Anything would be a help.


  1. Melanie you are an Angel, you are so wonderful to take care of these sweet babies. It is so horrible to think of that darling dog getting shot by BB's, so horrible.
    Thanks you for posting this, I really enjoyed seeing your hard work.

  2. OMG - I was so enthralled by reading about all of your foster fur babies, we currently have Sugar a Rhodesian Ridgeback foster girl that was a puppy mill mama, we have house broken her, and taught her that she can trust people. There is a probable family in Iowa that is going to adopt her and I am going to miss her so much. But we still have 2 Ridgebacks and 2 cats left that claim us as their parents. I will surely be back to read more on your blog.