Sunday, August 11, 2013

A tiny peek of my progress!

I actually don't mind painting. Cutting into the corners and nooks & crannies gets tedious (and it seems I have no end of nooks & crannies!) but it's a satisfying process, seeing the room transform under your hand. Want a peek? :)
Friday - narrowing down my choices!
Friday night- I landed on a very pale grayish blue called Cumberland Fog by Bher. So pretty! When it's wet it's almost white, but as it dries...
Saturday morning (1:00 am!) - first coat is up! I love it against the white! Once the walls are done ill need to paint inside the corner cabinets, but you can see how different it is next to the former green.
Honestly, I wish I could escape painting the trim though. :) it wasn't in bad shape last time I painted, but it's taken a lot of abuse now and with such a light color, it really jumps out. Yesterday was a very busy day of errands so I didn't have a chance to start on the second coat till 8:30pm and finished at 1:30am. But it's looking great! 
There you go - a little peek! Watch for an update of the finished room soon!

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