Wednesday, October 8, 2014

And I'm "Podcasting"!

Hi everyone!
So, I had this crazy idea. Why not start making videos again???

I took a hiatus for quite a while for a couple of reasons.
1. Technology. It was becoming darn near impossible to make videos with my dying Flip Camera. It was even harder to edit those videos with the program I had. I was attempting to make videos in one go, which is challenging for tutorials. Eventually I had to admit defeat.
2. Inspiration. This was linked to reason 1 a bit as well. I was running out of ideas for tutorials I could do in a single take and it was super stressful to get everything perfect in one try.  Also, my crafting interests were starting to shift a bit from exclusively doing paper crafting to including fiber crafts. Some of that also had to do with the next reason...
3. Time. My personal time is limited and therefore, quite precious. The family is getting older and more active, so I spend most nights running the Mom Taxi or helping with homework, trying to keep the house somewhat presentable, etc. Really no different from most people, right? But I just could give up crafting. I just needed to adjust crafting to fit my new lifestyle. I am a slow crafter and I like to have my supplies handy when I work. I started to lean toward fiber crafts because it was a new challenge, but it was also more portable. I can take my project bag with me and work on my socks or other small project while I am on my lunch break, or at my sons game or daughters dance class. I just need yarn and needles or a hook. So much easier than hauling my small paper trimmer, cardstock, stamps, ink, adhesive, Copics or colored pencils. I can do that at home where I can spread it all out in front of me, working at my own pace.

So what now?
I have a new camera - yay! I have played a bit with the editing software that came with my camera, but for now, I will plan on single runs of my videos. I am following the examples of some of the great video podcasters out there and we'll see how this goes.
My thought is to discuss projects I have been working on over the past week or two and show them in whatever stage they are in. That way I don't have to wait until I have something finished before I share it. I may still do tutorials here and there, but for the most part it will be a discussion of the process rather than the product. I may also do some product reviews now and then, depending on what I come across and whether it's something I think might be interesting to you. :) We all love a little enabling, right???
It won't be just knitting/crochet. Granted, it will take up most of what I talk about, because that is mostly what I am crafting these days. But I will still talk about paper crafts. I still make cards and dabble in new adventures like calligraphy and I would love to share that with you. I will also add bits about other things in my I am trying to stay organized, things I am learning with my children, etc.
How often will I podcast? I'm not entirely sure. I will plan on every other week, but I would love to do it weekly if my schedule allows. I just don't know if that will be possible quite yet. My first "episode" is just about ready to be posted to YouTube so once I finish notes here I will publish it.

I hope you join me on this new adventure and enjoy it! I am excited to give this a try. I feel like I have been pretty disconnected lately, and there are so many wonderful people out there who have been so generous and kind to me. Thanks for that, truly. I'm looking forward to being back in the mix again and even meeting some new friends through this crazy little adventure. :)

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