Saturday, June 25, 2011

Crazy week!

We are winding down a very busy week. As I mentioned before, the Emancipation Proclamation came to The Henry Ford Museum. It was a crazy event...people stood in line for as long as 8 hours to see this document - just an amazing outpouring of community around this incredible piece of history, over 21,000 people came to see it!

Following two 20 hour shifts we jumped right into the prep for my daughters first dance recital. Dress rehearsal, then 2 performances. She loved it, but she is definitely feeling it now. This morning she slept until 10:30 am! She loved dressing up in a costume and stage makeup, forgot most of her steps, and is so proud of her flowers which have a honored place on her dresser next to her bed.

Beyond that I have been working on a T-shirt quilt for a friend. The squares are cut, interfacing applied to add stability to the material and now begins the process of deciding the final layout of the shirts and the sewing. I'm enjoying the process very much and cant wait to complete it so I can give it to the family it's destined for. Even Jewel cat is enjoying the project, especially when the scraps make the most comfy impromptu kitty bed ever!

Hmmm...I'm still very tired and haing trouble putting coherent sentences together. Hope you are all well! :)

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