Sunday, June 5, 2011

HOT & not feeling very productive!

I thought that this weekend I would have a chance to get a few things checked off the never diminishing "to-do" list. Somewhere someone in charge of productivity is rolling around laughing histerically. I'm just feeling a bit deflated.
It has been hot. Yesterday was in the 90's. I officially shut down at 90 degrees, especially when it comes with humidity (which it always does in Michigan). My work schedule has been a little topsy turvy and I closed Thursday and Friday, which meant I wasn't home until nearly 2am. What museum do you know that has shifts like that? None? You'd be right. The museum closed at 5 but we have an IMAX and my department handles the operation of the theatre. I can't complain about the work, the staff were great and the guests were fun (you can't help having some fun with a group of Red-hatters who dress like pirates to see a movie right? I know, awesome!). But I am not a night owl so I have really been feeling the lack of sleep. Friday I was still a mommy who needed to get up and get Big D ready for kindergarten and Lil A fed & dressed. She and I had a great day together...I have to say that the best part of working a night shift is spending time with her (and Big too when he isn't in school.). But I was soooo tired. So Saturday and Sunday were sleep-in days for me, thankfully hubby was kind enough to get up with them. Both days I slept till 10am. yawn!
But we did have some fun this weekend, even if we haven't been very productive. We took a trip to a Recreational Area not too far away (nice thing about Michigan, you are always close to a lake or pond or river). Hubby was hoping to catch a trout or two from the stocked pond there. He caught a 20" rainbow trout the night before and was hoping for luck 2 days in a row. The little beach was still pretty full when we got there (around 7pm) and I took the kids down to the water to wade a bit. Next time I need to bring their suits. Then we went to the other side reserved for fishing. Long story short, no fish, but the kids dipped their toes in the water and took turns pulling out minnows for hubby to add to the hook.
Today I was determined to check out a few yard sales. I'm such a visual learner plus I was secretly hoping to find some little treasure trove, maybe some vintage goodies. I took Lil with me so the boys could have some peace and she was such a trooper. We only went to a couple, but we found a purple cone hat for dressing as a princess and a 3 wheeled Barbie scooter for a grand total of $5.50. Now she can scoot with her brother and I don't have to worry that it will tip over as she rides. I also found some fabric that I'm hoping will become some softies if I can find a simple pattern, maybe an owl or something with an easy shape. $2.00 there, not bad!

So now I'm back to housework, trying to clear up some of the toys and other random messes in just about every corner of the house. But when I feel tired I can stop for some fresh squeezed lemonade...delish! :) How has your weekend been? Productive, lazy? Whatever it was I hope you enjoyed it! :)

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