Monday, November 21, 2011


Yesterday I needed to sit at my table and get my craft on. After the craziness of the week it was time to sit down and destress with some crafting. And I know I really need some craft therapy when the first thing I reach for is glitter. lol

I decided to make some ornaments. I used laser cut wood shapes and covered the entire surface in a single color of glitter. It was fabulous and messy. My whole house sparkles! :) But after the worry and focus of the past few days, seeing little sparkles around the house just made me smile.

The colors I used here were silver ("family"), gold (angel), champagne (Eiffle Tower), and a soft blue (snowflake). I also used a clear glitter on the shooting star, but I may redo this one. We'll see. I think the Eiffel Tower is my favorite! Sorry for the lighting in these pictures...the sun set faster than I expected so I lost a lot of my natural light.

I also made glitter filled bulbs. I have a video on YouTube showing how I made them two years ago. So easy, and the effect is just beautiful. And since the glitter is inside, no glitter mess when they are hung up!

I have plans for these bulbs already and have more to make as teacher gifts. I think I will also make a set for our tree at work. So many of the ornaments are breaking and while I love vintage ornaments, some are beyond their shelf life. :)

Are you making ornaments for your tree this year? What do they look like?

p.s. I just ordered a couple more colors of glitter, so look for those colors appearing in projects down the road!

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