Sunday, December 4, 2011

A happy weekend

We had a nice, peaceful weekend. I did quite a bit of running around on Saturday, grocery shopping, buying new pants for Big D who seems to be going through (another) growth spurt, a stop at the thrift store to find a white elephant gift for an upcoming cookie exchange etc.
Today I hung some of the Christmas lights least on the porch railings where I don't need a ladder to reach. :) Tonight the house has a bit of twinkle to it, which just puts me in the Christmas mood!
Then we had quite a cuddle session, enjoying a marathon of Harry Potter movies.
I do love those little pudding covered faces!


Even Jewel joined in!

And of course we got a little silly!

Naturally messes followed the kids wherever they went.
We had to clean up these beads at least 3 times today...sigh.

And my favorite moment was this:

At bedtime Big asked if he could read the story to Lil A.
It was so sweet watching him read "Olivia", a family favorite to his little sister.
They may wrestle and bicker with each other to the point I want to scream, but then they have these sorts of moments and it reminds me that the love and bond they share endures through it all.

On the other hand, I did get a little crafting time in. I worked on a quilt I have been piecing and did a bit more knitting. I'm working on a bright hat for Big using some very soft chunky yarn that I bought for him a while ago, but just haven't been sure how to use it. Hopefully this time I'll figure it out.

I hope you had a lovely weekend as well!

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