Friday, January 13, 2012

My home improvement dream of 2012...

Who has the ugliest bathroom on the planet? This girl.
Don't believe me? Take a look...

Yep...this is my bathroom (hangs head in shame...). Actually I took this picture before we actually bought the house, and that was at the end of 2004. It's still like this, minus the bathmat, which the sellers kindly took with them. My niece, who was about 3 at the time was sooo excited when she saw the toilet for the first time...after all, who knew that there were PINK toilets? Every little girls dream, right? lol

If I could have one major project to do this year, it would be to completely redo this bathroom. I'd tear out the mint-choclate-chip-icecream-green formica walls with aluminum stripping, the speckled linoleum floor, yank out the postage stamp sized shower stall (which is painted pink inside too, by the way) and yes, toss the pink toilet. Maybe with a catapult, though I wouldn't mind a sledgehammer...

I'd have a lovely light and airy room, with the right hand wall bumped out a couple feet (there is a counter and shelving in the family room on the other side I'd be happy to sacrifice). I'd perhaps move the shower to the window wall, maybe have hex tile on the floor, maybe some wainscoting on the lower half of the room. A white toilet. Some shelves or a vintage cupboard to hold towels (which have to be kept upstairs right now) and paper rolls (which are in the pantry now). I'd have the light switches inside the room...right now they are outside the room on the right side of the picture.

You know, just a few minor improvements.

A girl can dream, right?


  1. Hi Melanie! I found your blog through splitcoast and came by to look around. I feel your pain with the bathroom! We had beige (not 'sandcastle' or 'cafe au lait'--just plain beige!) PLASTIC tile from the 50's in ours. And white carpet! Eeek! There's something you have to do when you tear that toilet out. Find a Relay for Life team or some other group raising money for cancer research/cures. One of our local Relay teams did really well with a Flush Cancer theme. People could make a donation and give them an address and they would take set a pink toilet to that address and set it up in the front yard. Then to get it removed, that homeowner could make a donation to have it delivered to someone else's yard. Having a pink toilet made it even better than if it was white!
    Hope you are able to get rid of yours soon!
    Good luck with the blog--it looks great!

  2. Thanks Michele! I love that idea for the toilet...I will definitely keep an eye out for something like that when we finally replace it. As for your plastic tile, I have that too in the upstairs bathroom...a gray plastic tile. So, bathroom decor is not our home's strongest point! LOL I'd love to attack the upstairs bathroom, because I'm pretty sure that we have a clawfoot tub hidden behind the tile enclosure. So many projects, so little money! :)