Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Simple Morning

I happen to have today off from work, which was timely because Big D caught some kind of stomach bug and was throwing up all day yesterday. To be on the safe side I kept him home with me and Lil A today. It was nice, relaxing together on this very gloomy gray morning. He was finally feeling well enough to eat this morning, so we had a lovely breakfast of soft boiled eggs and tea. The three of us like this sort of breakfast, so we usually have it on days that hubby isn't with us since he doesn't care for it. He's a scrambled-eggs-and-bacon kind of man, and I'm not sure that tea has ever crossed his lips. :) But it was perfect on a day like this.

After we took Abby to preschool, Big and I spent some time doing absolutely nothing together. Jewel took the opportunity to join our cuddling too. Especially when the kids are upset or sick, she loves to curl up with them.

At some point I need to vacuum up the cracker crumbs on the floor and do some laundry, but for now, I'm going to enjoy a little bit more time with my little man.

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