Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Easter crafts

I am such a scatterbrained mommy! Here it is, 5 days before Easter and I haven't put up any decorations or done any crafts. But today I was doing a bit of surfing and checking out some great blogs full of family crafts. My Google Reader is full of new blog posts to check out. :)

One of the blogs I happened upon was Moments of Mommyhood which had a post for Footprint Ducklings. Super simple, but sure to bring out the giggles. So after I got home from work and we had dinner I grabbed 2 sheets of paper, some yellow craft paint, a foam brush and lots of paper towels. I started with my son and the promised giggles and squeals were plentiful as I brushed the paint on the bottom of his foot. A quick press on the paper and VOILA! Next came my daughter, who suddenly became shy and didn't want to get her foot painted. Well eventually we got the deed done and even the cat came to check out the activity on the kitchen floor. Naturally she got right in the way and is still sporting a yellow-tipped ear. lol

Then came the fun part, creating the scene for these little ducklings. See the pics below. In the first my daughter is working very hard on the spread wings that her duckling got, and in the second, my sons final picture. All in all a quick and easy craft that the kids are very proud of!

Tomorrow, a few more decorations hopefully!

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