Friday, April 29, 2011

A little visitor!

We have a little guest! A robin has built a nest outside our family room! I noticed her over the weekend when I was doing dishes. The nest is built on the top of the vent of the wall heater and we have a clear view of her from the kitchen. The kids have been very interested in her also and we regularly peer out of the window to see what she is up to. I went out a couple days ago to see if she has any eggs, and was excited to see one bright blue egg in her nest. In my research on robins the smallest clutch of eggs is usually 2, but who knows. I also haven't seen a male anywhere in the area, which is also strange since the male usually stays close by to protect his mate. I hope nothing has happened to him.
So hopefully we'll see a little hatchling in less than 2 weeks, which will delight the kids. I'm pretty excited too! And we are fine with the spot she has chosen...much better than the pair last year who decided to build a nest on the light fixture just outside our front door. Not that we use that door much, but the mail lady didn't like the birds and stopped delivering mail. We were more than a little irritated since no one from USPS bothered to let us know that there was an issue. We had even put out a box for the mail off the porch so the birds would have some privacy, but apparently that wasn't good enough. Ah well.
Take a peek at a couple of pictures from 2 days ago. I'm going to try to take pics every few days, but I don't want to disturb her too much. She does seem to appreciate the birdbath we put nearby. If she is a single bird mom, at least she won't have to go too far for water.
I'm hoping to do a little crafting later today...I've been cleaning quite a bit in anticipation of some pals of hubby's to come by for the Red Wings game tonight. Go Wings! :)

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