Monday, June 4, 2012

Polka Dot love

I don't know what it is, but I am loving Polka Dots right now. There is something so timeless and whimsical about them.

I love these paper lanterns:

Image 1

(via Polka Dot Market)

And would totally wear these Converse every day!

And use this 1940's covered jar in my kitchen

And would love an excuse to put my son in this orange polka dot tie

And just treated myself to this vintage handbag
(Can't wait for it to arrive!)

Is there a pattern/color that's catching your eye at the moment?


  1. Oh, Melanie! I love all the polka dots! They just make me very happy! All the links are so fun! You seriously bought the purse? LOVE it...absolutely FABULOUS...and with a RED lining too!! It doesn't get better than that! YAY you!! Do you have the perfect vintage outfit...along with shoes to go with it? Or do you get to do more shopping? lol Thanks for sharing this fun post!...Nancy :o)

    1. LOL not yet...but I think it would still look cute with some of my other clothes (until I can find the "perfect" outfit!)