Thursday, September 29, 2011

Letter hunt!

This morning we were having a little fun with letters. To get the kids moving I had them try to make letter shapes out of their bodies. They had lots of fun stretching, rolling, bending and twisting into shapes.
Then Lil A jumped up and yelled "Letter hunt!" My Big D happened to have a Smurf tshirt on and she used her "pointer" (a found feather) to point at the letters and try to name them. Big was very happy to help, even if he didn't always give Lil time to think of a letter before he named it for her. :) I love watching them help each other learn things.
After naming the letters on his shirt, Lil found my husbands baseball jersey (Go Tigers!) on top of the freshly folded clothes. No worries! We laid it out and she pointed out new letters as well as the numbers. She was so proud of the letters she knew and had such a serious little face as she was trying to learn the letters she didn't know.
I love those little unexpected moments of learning! Now it's time to refold the shirt and find some new adventures!

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