Sunday, September 4, 2011

Making Hair Bows

Lil A loves hair bows. Funny thing is, she doesn't always like to keep them in her hair. Maybe because she is part Tomboy, maybe because her hair is fine and they usually slip down at some point. But I was looking at some pictures of hair bows online and when she came into the room got so excited and asked if I would make some for her. How can I refuse?
She got a bit tired of modeling for

I made 2 yesterday. The first one was a basic boutique bow using some ribbon I had found in the clearance bin at Michaels ages ago. I lined the clip and wrapped the top of the bow with some polka dot grosgrain ribbon from Stampin Up.
The second is made from some of the vintage trim I got last week. I created two basic bows and stacked them on top of each other. I lined the clip and covered the center with some satin ribbon. Unfortunately I didn't have plain red ribbon so I had to get a bit creative. The ribbon I used is a holiday ribbon with snowflakes printed on one side. I just flipped it over to hide the print, and ta-da!
The clips are silver double pronged clips that I found at Sallys...100 for just over $5.00? That's a great deal! I could have enough to make bown for her prom! (Mommy's just kidding sweetie, unless you want me to make you hair bows for prom! We'll talk about it in 13 years or so.)
To solve to problem of slippage I did a little research. Lots of folks use the non-slip shelf liner or the fuzzy side of hook & loop tape and I even found information on using silicone inside the clip. In the end I decided to use velvet. I just happened to have velvet ribbon on hand after my trip to the thrift store. It works great! Even when she shakes her head the clip stays in place, but if she does pull it out it is gentle enough on her hair.
All in all they turned out pretty cute! I have so much more ribbon to use, and these use so little that it doesn't make much of a dent in my stash, but it's a fun project to while away a bit of time. And I must say, Lil does look pretty adorable!

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