Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Pencil Vase

As we get ready for the first day of school I can't help but think of the line from "You've Got Mail": "If I knew your address I would send you bouquets of sharpened pencils." wonder Meg Ryan fell for Tom Hanks with a line like that. :)Ok, enough sappiness.

School starts the day after Labor Day in Michigan, so this week the teachers are back in their classes getting things ready for the adoring little faces who will fill the halls next week. I was elected Secretary of our PTO this year which will bring it's own set of challenges as I add it to the list of things that fill my day. But I am excited by the idea of helping my sons school as much as I can. We decided to treat the teachers to lunch today...nothing too fancy, just some sandwiches, salads, a little dessert and some drinks. I made a fruit salad, which the kids were very happy to help with (though I had to check that they did get all of the stems off the grapes! ha!). I also made these vases to decorate the tables. I found the idea here.

The teachers loved it and we plan to raffle it off to them. For the lunch we just filled them with some silk flowers, but they will look so cute with any kind of flowers.

Here's a video I posted at YouTube about it:




  1. Came by to let know about the eatable ink for Rainee's lunches... I bought it at Joann's - there are several different place to get it... it's really pretty fun!!!

    And I love love love this adorable... the pencils are fab!!! Have a great day!!!
    {{hugs}} Michelle

  2. Love this idea, it is so cute. I think any teacher would love it. I'm your newest follower please stop by my blog and follow me as well. I've just started doing videos
    Have a great day