Saturday, August 27, 2011

Vintage finds!!!

One thing I know...the Thrift Store gods were smiling down on me this weekend. I have a project I'm working on as a birthday gift which called for a twin bedsheet. A perfect time to head to the thrift! I stopped by one on my way home from work luck on a sheet, but I did find a 2 quart casserole dish (with lid) by GlasBake. It came out in 1917 as a competitor to Pyrex. The dish I have has a mark identifying it as coming out sometime between 1961 and 1983. It's just plain white with the original clear glass lid. I only paid $4.75 for it after a 25% discount, since Friday is "Ladies Day". :)

Today I continued the hunt for sheets. There is a little thrift in my town, so off I went. Again, no sheets, but I did find something I went a little gaga over: a whole rack full of vintage laces & trims! The laces were alright but nothing screamed "Buy me!" (yet!) but the trims...oh my, the trims. Take a look at what I came home with:

I loved that they were on their original spools. The labels are fantastic and hopefully I can salvage them to use as ephemera on other projects.

Then I found this:

Wow. I didn't buy it with the trims. At $50.00 I thought "No way, hubby won't go for it". But I couldn't get it out of my head...I had to have it. So after trying to describe it to him we went back. I bought it and we loaded it into the car. Small it may be, but light it is not. I have the perfect spot for it bit it needs some work...maybe a lot of work. But it was too good to pass up and I can't wait to fix it up for the house.

Then off to yet another thrift. I was finding a sheet come hell or high water! Thankfully I finally did find one that will work. But I also found this:

$9.99? Score! It was coming home with me! It's in great shape, just dusty. The color isn't my favorite but there isn't anything wrong with it. If I really don't like it, I could just paint it with a white enamel. I think it would be great as a little cart for parties and lots of other things. But yet again, I found something I drooled over. A beautiful chair. It was upholstered in a pristine burnt orage velvet (so soft, but not an ideal color). The back was rounded and had lovely caning on either side of the upholstered back. I loved it. But it was also $50, and there was no way hubby was going to go for that. So it's still at the store...sigh.

So there we are. I can't wait to work with the trims and put some elbow grease into the cabinet. Once it's done I'll post pictures, but it may be a while. I've never tried to fix up something like this so I need to figure out the best way to go about it. Any suggestions?

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