Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Happy Spiderman Day!

I recently did an online search for random holidays...the kind of holidays that don't usually make it on a regular calendar, but something that would be fun to celebrate with the kids. It turns out that August 1 is Spiderman Day! I can't really find out why it falls on 8/1, but Big D is a fan of Spidey and this would be a good chance to do something silly and fun for him. Lil A would join in the fun too...she will usually happily tag along with anything that Big does.
We don't have a lot of Spiderman stuff so this was a chance to come up with something crafty to do with the kids. We decided that this was the perfect opportunity to decorate some sugar cookies. Following Alton Browns recipe on Food Network, I make the dough and popped it into the fridge to chill. Big and I went to Michaels and picked up some new art supplies for them as well as blue & red yarn. I thought perhaps we could make some kind of web in the house. Unfortunately the layout of our house is challenging for these projects, so we may have to delay that project. But the cookies were a huge hit! After baking, I tinted some leftover white frosting blue and red. I let Big & Lil spread the frosting on the cookies with their child-size knives (part of kids sized silverware sets my grandmother sent to me from Germany). I put the red frosting in a sandwich bag, snipped off a tiny corner and piped the red in a rough web design on top. I am no cake decorator, but we got the effect we wanted, and they tasted great of course! The kids had a blast!

Now I need to find some other fun random holidays! :) What random holidays do you like to celebrate?

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