Friday, March 2, 2012

Kitties go to the vet

Jewel and Noodle had to go for checkup this week. Always a big to-do, since they do not like being in the car. But, we eventually got them tucked into their car carriers and into the car. The whole ride was filled with very pitiful meowing, which entertained the kids to no end! :)
Once we got into the exam room, Noodle came right out of her carrier and started to explore and made herself right at home.

Jewel, however, did not. She was so freaked out that the only way I was able to get her out of her carrier was to try tounceremoniously tip the carrier till she slid out. But somehow she clung to the sides so we finally got her out by taking the carrier apart! Then I put her on the exam table, and she tucked herself into her meatloaf pose and refused to budge from the scale. Poor Jewel!

They had their shots and were given a clean bill of health. Hurray! Then back into their carriers and a long meow-filled ride home! Thankfully I don't have cats that hold grudges for long, so after a few looks of disdain for the afternoons adventure, the lure of a lap and a warm blanket was too much to resist. :)

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