Friday, March 30, 2012


Things at work have been a little nuts this month. It's hiring season and training season, so we've been very busy with new staff. I'm excited - they have a lot of energy and I know will be a great addition to the team. We're also a day away from opening a huge exhibit - Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition. It's an amazing exhibit and I really can't wait for guests to see it starting tomorrow. This week has been full of last minute preparations and training, etc so I have practically been living in the space for the past week. Getting home late, I haven't had the energy to spend much time at my table so I've focused on another project this week.

I have been making a quilt for a family friend. It's a t-shirt quilt, in honor of their daughter who passed away unexpectedly. I used her shirts to create a simple block quilt, and now am in the process of quilting it. I decided to quilt by hand; not only do I like the look of hand quilting, but I really wanted to put my love into it. She was such an amazing young woman who was taken far too soon and I have known her since the day she came home from the hospital. In moments like that it feels like there is so little you can do for the family, but if this little contribution helps even a little I am happy.

The quilt is pretty large...30 blocks that are 12" square (running 5 blocks across, 6 down). I'm leaving the center of the block plain and quilting around the perimeter with navy thread. I watched a lot of videos and did some reading on hand quilting before I began, but even so I'm pretty slow. I haven't quite found my groove to be able put more than one stitch at a time on my needle, but its getting there. I haven't poked myself with the needle yet anyway! :) I probably should use a thimble, but mine has gone missing and so far I really haven't needed it. (Watch, now I've jinxed myself!)

Jewel has been very "helpful" as I sit and a flash she will jump on my lap and settle in for a cuddle...she doesn't understand that this blanket isn't an invitation for her. :) How she hasn't landed on the needle mid-stitch yet I have no idea!

I'll be back in a couple days with a couple of new paper projects...they are there, in pieces on my desk, waiting for me to have a chance to sit down and finish them up. Maybe if I have a little time I'll even post again later today, but no promises this moment. Somewhere I still need to fit in time to vacuum! lol


  1. What an amazing quilt. Found your blog via SCS. Love your kitty guard! I am reading a great book series called the Elm Creek Quilt series. If you love crafts and quilting I would recommend it... It is a fun series that incorporates friendships and history and the use of quilts in history etc..Fun reads... I am not home so I can't give you the author, but I know you could find it by google. Have a great weekend.

  2. I agree with the previous comment...the Elm Creek Series is really good! They're by Jennifer Somebody...starts with "Ch"! lol
    Your quilting stitches look fabulous and not like beginner stitches at all! I'm a slow hand quilter too but who said it was a speed craft, right? It's supposed to be relaxing! :o)
    It's a wonderful project from the heart and will be a treasure for the family!...Nancy :o)

  3. Thank you so much for the book recommendation! I will definitely have to check it out! In college I was an intern at the university museum and they have an amazing historic quilt collection - the stories they told were fascinating. I've been to a couple of quilt exhibits and there is something about the beauty in their humbleness that really draws people in. I think because people can relate to quilts...they are something that remind them of their family and their history, and they are real...something created to keep people warm. I don't quilt much, I've started a couple but only actually finished 2 baby quilts, but I've really enjoyed the process.
    I'll keep updates coming as I progress on it!