Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Prismacolor chart

Hi everyone!
Things have been a little crazy on the homefront and workfront lately so I haven't had a lot of spare time to work on cards. At night I've been doing a bit of quilting on a t-shirt quilt while I've been catching up on shows on the dvr. By the way, hubby and I have been faithfully watching "The Biggest Loser" this season. We've never watched it before, but Buddy, one of the contestants, is a family member! We've been cheering him on each week and it's amazing how much he has accomplished in the time he has been on the show. We're so proud of him - go Buddy!!!

Anyway, I wanted to share a little something that I have been working on. Nancy (a very sweet woman I've exchanged comments with via YouTube) sent me a couple of links to some Prismacolor-related sites and I've really enjoyed the info I've been finding there. One of the links sent me to a blank Prismacolor chart provided by Dana's Inspirations, which is just what I needed as I learn more about the pencils and shading, especially skin tones. I printed the chart out on Hammermill Digital Color Copy 80lb cardstock and went to work. Here is a picture of the coloring in progress:

I really love this chart already, because it's been challenging to guess at the shade when the pencils are in the box. It basically functions the same as a Copic color chart, but I took inspiration from Dana's example and colored it from light to dark so I could see how the color changes. Very helpful! If you would like to check out the color chart as well as the other great tips and ideas from Dana, go here. I have the 120-count box of pencils and the completed chart includes basically everything through the last set of colors on the bottom right corner. Those are the colors released in 2006, and there are a few that I may buy individually down the road. But for now, the set I have has been great for my needs.

Ok, I'm off to enjoy a bit of this ridiculously beautiful day. I can't believe that it's about 80 degrees in Michigan, in March! I'm not convinced that winter is gone for good, but for now I'm going to enjoy every bit of this weather while we have it! I hope the start of spring has been as lovely where you are, or that it's coming soon!

And thanks again Nancy, for sharing the links - they were a big help! :)

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  1. I'm so glad you could make use of it, Melanie!
    We had a blast of winter but the snow is melting nicely! Enjoy your warm sunshine!...Nancy :o)